I am the greatest - I said that even before I knew I was.

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“Today I saw a couple lines on your skin
From some bad memories you’ve held within
The edges were so sharp, the marks are so thin
I now vow to never let you feel that pain again”



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Forever, you will be my best friend
Some don’t like that for the 3 letters at the end
Of that last line, but really that is fine
Because always, you will be mine. I promise

— KW


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Do you really care about us anymore
Or is it finally time to move on
Am I giving you too much effort
Do you need to blink so I can be gone

Do you truly want this to end
Or is this thing honestly forever
Am I really your best friend
Do you believe you can do better

Do you just need a break
Or is the end actually near
Am I fooled and this is all fake
Do you know I need you here

- KW

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SkyWalker: Her Wings


Absolutely beautiful, the type to make you feel unsuitable. She’s uncommon, ain’t nothing about her usual. If you would’ve known her before the transition… you’d be amazed by the change, man, listen. She used to go from this one to that one, to feel complete she looked for men to make it happen….

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So, I have a brand new blog that I use. I had to create a whole new one, because of too many kids I know in person following me. Message me and ask for the url and I’ll be more than happy to give it to you! It’s a bit different than this one. A little bit of everything, per-say.